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A Statewide Conversation About Our Future


Share your thoughts on Utah’s housing, transportation, water, recreation areas, and GROWTH. Join the conversation.

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Unmatched natural beauty. Countless outdoor recreation options. Strong families. Connected communities. One of the most vibrant economies in the U.S. There’s so much that makes Utah special. And what makes Utah great is also what makes Utah grow.

*The “Guiding or Growth” survey period has ended. Please check back for more information about the survey results.

Many families choose to stay here, generation after generation. Others recognize all that Utah has to offer and choose to move here. As long as Utah is a quality place, people will stay and newcomers will arrive. Growth is a part of life when you live in an exceptional state.

So it’s not so much if Utah will continue to grow, but how Utah will continue to grow.

Growth brings benefits like a broad tax base and new opportunities. But growth brings challenges, too, like less affordable housing, strained water availability, and increased traffic congestion.

We need to come together as Utahns to talk about GUIDING OUR GROWTH.

Growth decisions aren’t easy. Sometimes we have to adjust our current way of thinking and living in order to reach a desired future outcome. What can we do now to safeguard Utah’s future quality of life? Now is the time to join the conversation about Utah’s growth and Utah’s future.

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Utahns’ input in our earlier survey shaped the options that are included in this new survey.